Trekking In Nepal In May

Trekking in Nepal in May2022 will be a great time for trekkers to trek. May is the end month of the Spring season. Its pre-monsoon rain invites the greenery forest, late may likely see the rain and thunderstorms through the city. If you are planning to trek during may get quick before the rain started. the weather is stable and offers warm temperatures both in high and lower altitudes. May is also considered as experiencing both spring and monsoon season at the same time. During the daytime, the temperature is 25 degrees celsius and at nighttime temperature falls to 8 degrees. You need to also carry raingear as well.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in March 2022

The weather may well not be ideal, in the morning the weather will be fine but during day time it will be warm and humid. It is also known to be a transitional month where the weather will be irregular. Trekking at this time will give you unexpected sensations. Many trekkers think that trekking in pre-monsoon season is risky due to irregular weather which makes the trails less crowded and peaceful in comparison to other seasons.

The weather does not get too hot nor too cold during trekking. The average temperature is around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius at the hills whereas at night time the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. There will be some rainfall and thunderstorm as it is pre-monsoon. So, you need to carry raingear and rucksack rain to cover. May is considered as prime trekking season with warm temperature making both teahouses and camping trek comfortable and enjoyable. The view of mountains and greenery hills can be visible due to rainfall it gives clean air and beauty of nature.

Where to go Trekking in Nepal in May 2022

Trekking in Nepal in May will be best to trek around the mountain region. Almost all trek will be accessible, comfortable, and pleasant. But in the lower region may be uncomfortable due to hot and windy weather. Trekking and camping around the mountain region will be great in May.

Here are some of the famous treks:

Everest Base Camp Trek 2022

Everest Base Camp Trek is the best trekking route in May 2022. It is also popular around the globe. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa were the first to reach Mount Everest on 29th May 1953. It is the ideal month to go to Everest Base Camp Trek. You can witness camps if the expedition team, famous and professional mountaineers at the base camp. The weather will be a clear and dry trail with a warm temperature. You can visit the world heritage site Sagarmatha National Park as a trip. You can also trek the higher altitude Buddhist monasteries with witness beautiful scenario o the rhododendron with wildflowers covering the trails with an amazing view of snow-capped mountains. Trekker can explore the culture and tradition of the Sherpa lifestyle.

Annapurna Circuit Trek 2022

Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the popular treks in Nepal. May 2022 is the best time for trekkers to trek. Annapurna Circuit starts from Beshisahar in the Marshyangdi river valley and ends in the Kali Gandaki gorge. It is also known as the deepest gorge in the world. The highest and most challenging pass os the Thorong La Pass at 5,416 meters. Through the pass, you can witness a stunning view of the Himalayas. Tee weather is ideal in the mountain region, the temperature drops too low at higher altitude. You can trek a trail comfortably and enjoyably. You can feel an amazing view of mountains with wide species of birds and animals.

Langtang Valley Trek2022

Langtang Valley Trek is famous for its natural beauty 2022. It will take you through the beautiful Langtang National park. It gives stunning views of the Himalaya peaks, flora and fauna of this region. May is the perfect time because the weather is clear with an amazing view of mountains peaks like Yala peaks, Langtang Lirung, Ganchhenpo and many more. The famous mountains like Mount Ganesh, Mount Manaslu and many more can be witnesses. You can visit Langtang National Park within the route. A place of wildlife species such as Red Pandas, deers, Gray Langur and many more. The weather is stable during May, the average temperature is around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. And in higher regions, it can drop to 0 degrees Celsius during morning and evening. So you need to carry light thin clothes as well as warm clothes.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 is a rare trek in Nepal. It is denoted as a restricted region in Nepal. It will be open in May month to do the trek in Manaslu Circuit. You can witness an old heritage valley called Tsum Valley. This valley gives a rare insight into the preserved culture of the Tusmbas. The temperature is ideal, the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius in lower altitude and higher altitude the temperature drops down to -5 degrees Celsius. The weather is clear with a stunning view of the Himalayas including Twin peak mountains. The tea house and accommodation will be open during May.

What to wear in March

If you are thinking to go trek during March that you need to carry necessary trekking gear, clothes, equipment and supplies. You never know when the rain gonna fall as it is pre-monsoon season, you need to carry rain gear as well. Make sure you carry layered clothes because the temperature depends on the altitude.


Spring season is the best time to do trekking. You can experience the trail with stunning views of nature and learn the culture of locals. You need to carry proper gear and equipment to make the trek more comfortable and enjoyable. The trails will be easy to trek in May with a warm climate and fresh air. You can get plenty of tea houses and accommodation in the trail. And trekking in Nepal in May gives you a great experience.

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