Top 3 Treks to do in Autumn Season in Nepal

Nepal is home of unlimited wonders of Mother Nature and Mountains. Nature has blessed the country with all the essentials of marvelous trekking trip. Therefore, every year thousands of trekkers trek on the trails of Nepal. There are famous trekking trails which lead up to the base camp of the world's top mountains. Weather and climate of this nation are also at the top notch. The country experiences four seasons throughout the year. Spring, Monsoon/Summer, Winter and Autumn are the major seasons to do trekking in Nepal. Now, lets know more about Top 3 Treks to do in Autumn Season in Nepal. 

The blog helps you to know more about Nepal's Top 3 Treks to do in Autumn Season in Nepal. Follow my blog for latest travel information and advice. I will make sure to quench your thirst of traveling to the mountains of Nepal. 

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek in Nepal is the face of Nepal Trekking. It takes trekkers to an abode of the world's tallest mountain Mt. Everest. Lots of travelers have the Everest as their travel bucket list thing to do. Therefore, it has attracted lots of trekkers. This trail is possible to do trekking throughout the year. However, spring and autumn season is an ideal choice. 

Autumn  season is full of festive mood and pleasant climate. The temperature is neither cold nor hot during this time of the year. The people of Nepal are in good festive mood during this season. Nepal's biggest festival Dashain and Tihar fall in this season. However, the Everest region don't celebrate to great extent. It is because the place follows the Sherpa tradition. Their biggest festivals are Dumji and Mani Rimdu. 

Highlights of Everest base camp trek in Autumn

  • Clear Weather & Pleasant Climate
  • Less Chance of Flight Cancellation of Lukla Flight
  • More running Teahouse/Lodges
  • High Chance of Witnessing Wildlife inside Sagarmatha National Park
  • Trail is not Slippery and Muddy
  • Chance to Meet Many Trekkers across the globe
  • Sherpa Village & Monasteries

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Reach the base camp of Mt. Annapurna. It is the foothill of the world's 10th mountains out of top ten high altitude mountains. The area looks spectacular during this time of the year. The weather is fine and climate is moderate. Annapurna region is full of Gurung/Magar and multiethnic people. These people celebrate Dashain and Tihar festival. Therefore, trekking to Annapurna Base Camp during Dashain and Tihar festival is very special. 

Trekkers can follow the regular itinerary of Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Rejoice the sunrise from world's famous vantage point Poon Hill (3200 m). Relish the majestic mountain vistas of more than 2 dozen mountains. Major mountains on this trekking trail are Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri range, Machhapuchhre, etc. 

Highlights of Annapurna base camp trek in Autumn

  • Poon Hill Sunrise/Sunset
  • Green Lush Forests, Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls
  • ACAP
  • Base Camp of World's 10th Tallest Mountain
  • Multiethnic Villages
  • Dashain & Tihar Celebration During Trekking
  • Pokhara Valley

3. Langtang Valley Trek 

Langtang Valley Trek is the nearby trekking destination from Kathmandu Valley. After 2015, earthquake hit so hard. The region was devastated by the Langtang Lirung glacier landslide. Entire village was swept away. 

It is the mythical and mystical trekking to do in Nepal. During monsoon and winter season the trail is abandoned. Monsoon is no to do trekking in Nepal's Langtang region. There are lots of rivers on the trail. Therefore, during monsoon these rivers' level increases. It is hard to do the trek in monsoon. Moreover, there is threat of landslide too. 

Therefore, do the trekking in Langtang region in Autumn season.

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek

  • Kyanjin Gompa and Kyanjin Ri
  • Ghoda Tabela and Bamboo Forests
  • Red Panda and Wildlife
  • Langtang Village and Oldest Monastery
  • Nearby Kathmandu Valley
  • Rivers, Lakes & Mountain Vistas

These top 3 treks to do in Autumn Season in Nepal are just an example. There are numerous other trails to walk in Nepal. Contact our travel planner and quench your thirst of traveling to Nepal. 

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