10 Most Beautiful Places In Nepal That You Should Visit Once

Nepal has a natural and sheltered elegance, which goes to the Himalayas. The more beautiful places in Nepal are not connected with man-made forts and museums, unlike other hill stations. Here, the utter majesty of nature shines! Nepal is truly stunning, from lakes hidden on hilltops to hiking trails leading to a spot that feels like paradise!

Here are the 10 most beautiful places to Visit in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

If you go slowly and gradually, trekking to the base camp in Everest is not difficult. It needs perseverance! The trek begins at Lukla at 3000 m and reaches the base camp at 5,364 m. Two camps exist: one is Tibet’s 5,150 m north base, and the other is Nepal’s 5,364 m south base camp. On the way to the camp, there are beautiful views of the villages, the big blue sky and the snowy peaks that are close to each move. Snowfall at the camp might also be a chance for you.

Rara Lake

Rara lake is Nepal’s largest and deepest freshwater lake, situated in the districts of Jumla and Mugu. It’s average 100 meters deep and is spread over 5.1 km, also known as “heaven on earth” due to its natural beauty. Overnight on the lakeside, tourists often trek to this lake and camp. If you go up to Manma Point, you can see the seductive beauty of the lake and the lush, green trees.

Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari, a group of 5 holy lakes, is at the base of Jugal Himal in northeastern Kathmandu. These lakes in the midst of the green carpeted massif are incredible, surrounded by mountains on all sides. Because of the traditional ritual called Janai Purnima, this community of lakes is sacred. Each year in the month of August, Brahmines go to these lakes in order to perform the ritual of changing their sacred thread, known as “janai.”

Chitwan National Park

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chitwan National Park, At the foot of the Himalayas, it houses a large number of wildlife such as monkeys, elephants, cobras, and wild boar, among other things. A few army base camps are also situated in the park. Employ a guide to help you find animals and tell you the stories of the park. Chitwan National Park covers over 932 km in south-central Nepal.

Garden of Dreams

Lush green gardens still make for a lovely place with plenty of quiet. Garden of Dreams is also a popular spot for visitors as well as locals. The entry fee for this beautiful garden is 200 NPR. People come to see the large array of flowers and find peace in the center of flowing springs. The Swapna Bagaicha or the Dreams Garden has a café serving some of the best Nepali dishes in the city in a pleasant setting. In this peaceful place, you can easily spend 1 to 2 hours, or even visit again if you like.


The leisure town of Nepal is Pokhara. Its scenic beauty is beautiful and visitors are enthusiastic about adventure opportunities. It is said that Pokhara is another beautiful place in Nepal for paragliding, and many paragliders will enjoy the sky. Trekking, boating, paragliding, walking or zip flying are also available. Sit comfortably in a comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the stunning view of the lake lined with hills.


32 km East of Kathmandu is Nagarkot. Nagarkot. It is well known for its magnificent view of Mount Everest, especially at sunrise and sunset. The village of Nagarkot is a picturesque one with mountain trails, fauna and flora, and a few wonderful attractions you won’t forget. Located in the district of Bhaktapur, it has numerous hotels in close proximity to major tourist attractions such as Changu Narayan, Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, Temple Sankhu Bajrayogini and Buddha Peace Park.

Langtang Region

It is 30 kilometers to the Tibetan border to Langtang from Kathmandu. Langtang is where you should go if you are short but want to hike in Nepal. A spectacular view of the lakes, mountains, and flowers is a pleasant trekking route. It has approximately 70 glaciers and many high lakes. After the Earthquake in Nepal, but now the hiking route is open to tourism and hiking.

Tilicho Lake

The beauty of the lake remained untouched and untouched because only a few people went up this lake trek. At a height of 4,949 m, Tilicho Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is derived from the melting glaciers by its azure blue water. Located 55 km from Pokhara, the book Ramayana also mentions that Lord Shiva found a place to rest, after losing his companion, Sati. The book of the Holy Hindu is called “Ramayana.” This lake is counted as the most beautiful place in Nepal.

Gosaikunda Lake

Lake Gosainkunda is a sacred site for Nepalese and Indian peoples. Lord Shiva himself says that this lake was formed. Legend has it that Lord Shiva was searching for a cool spot to ease the burn when he swallowed and kept the poison in his throat. He discovered Gosainkunda while exploring and dug up a lake to take a rest. Devotees still have faith in the presence of the lord here.

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