What are the popular Trekking Routes of Manaslu Region?

Manaslu region of Nepal is the alluring restricted trekking destination. Restricted trekking regions of Nepal are Kanchenjunga, Upper Mustang and Manaslu. Among these places Manaslu is the most diversified trekking destination. Nepal Adventure Pilgrimage has created two unique trekking packages for this region. Tsum Valley Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek are the two best trekking packages of this region.

Manaslu Region is diversified. Multiethnic villages, mountains and alluring natural attractions make it the most worthwhile restricted walking destination. Moreover, trekkers can find the spiritual awakening while strolling around the region.

8th Tallest Mountain of the World

Mt. Manaslu is the world’s 8th tallest mountain. The name of the mountain is derived from the Sanskrit word Manas which means spirit. Therefore, any trip around the mountain is always spiritual and gratifying.

After 2015 earthquake the region got the best recognition. Lots of the people lost their lives and properties. The epicenter of the earthquake is in the region as well. However, the teahouses and all the facilities for the tourists are in good condition.

Trekkers needn’t worry about the lodging on this region. Compared to other popular trekking destinations trekkers will not have problem to adjust the lodging and food. Even in the peak trekking season in Nepal trekkers will get the ample amount of lodges.

There are very few trekkers who trek on this region. Major reason behind the less number of visitors on this destination is that it is the restricted trekking destination. In order to trekking in this destination trekkers have to get the immigration visa and accompany the licensed guide. Solo trekkers can’t trek on this trail. At least 2 trekkers are needed.

1.       Manaslu Circuit Trek

There are very few long detours to walk on Nepal having diversified attractions in terms on nature and culture. The most iconic are Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek. Among these two trekking routes Annapurna Circuit Trek is crowded. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is less crowded and untainted. No wonder Nepal Government has listed it as the restricted trekking region.

Nepal Adventure Pilgrimage has knitted the best ManasluCircuit Trek itinerary. You must accompany the licensed trekking guide and there must be at least 2 trekkers to trek in this trail. Our competent travel planners and crew members will ensure the hassle free logistics as well as paper work.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Route Overview

The journey of Manaslu Circuit Trek starts with the bus drive to Soti Khola via Dhading and Gorkha’s famous towns. On the graveled highway trekkers will take the 4 wheeled jeeps to Soti via Aarughat and Aarkhet. Walking starts from Soti.

Trekkers start to walk through terraced farmlands and rural hilly Nepalese Villages along the Budi Gandaki River. Waterfalls, streams and green lush forests are the usual sightings of the journey. Trekkers will get the amazing experience of Hills, Mountains and Valleys during Manaslu CircuitTrek.

2015 April Earthquake tolled much damaged on this area. The epicenter of the earthquake is its surrounding. However, the trail is back into functioning. The intrepid people of the region have brought the life back to normalcy.

Places like Machhakhola, Jagat, Deng and Namrung are trekked before stopping for the acclimatization rest in Samagaon. It is the last densely populated village on the Manaslu Circuit Trek route. Exploration of the villages and the traditional monasteries in the village is done while acclimatizing. The major crop of the area is potato farming and animal rearing. You can get accustomed to the Bon Po religion followers and Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Trekkers then cross the Larke La Pass (5125 m) after trekking through Samdo. From the top of the Larke one can observe the panoramic view of mountains including the Annapurna range. The most scenic vista is of world’s 8th tallest mountain Mt. Manaslu (8146 m). On the other side of the pass trekkers will meet the Annapurna Circuit Trek trail route.

We can arrange for the extended trekking if you wish to continue the Annapurna Circuit Trek. These two are the best long detour walking trail of Nepal. Book the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal with us and explore the beautiful restricted trekking route of Nepal.

2.       Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal is the mystical trekking journey to do in Nepal. Nepal Adventure Pilgrimage has knitted the best itinerary for the marvelous restricted trekking. Explore the magnificent wonders of rural Nepal. The trail is the subsidiary of the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. However, one can do both trekking as well. Check out our Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley Trek for more info.

The journey of the Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal starts similar to Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is towards the same region but separates the journey from Jagat. Circuit Trek heads to Deng while the Tsum Valley Trek heads to Chisopani.

The major attraction of the Tsum Valley Trek is the exploration of the Milarepa Caves. It is believed that 8th Eons meditated in the caves of the valley. During the wartime period the Bonpo People hid in the caves and in the mystical Tsum Valley. The place is very mythical as well. One can feel the outer world while being at the valley.

The journey is full of activities like crossing the streams, waterfalls and terraced farmlands. The journey is characterized by the green lush forests and rural Nepalese society. It is the exploration of the secret Buddhist land situated at the edge of secluded valleys. The journey is the within the area of Ganesh, Siringi and Boudha Himal.

Ancient Culture of Tsum Valley

Tsum is full of ancient culture. It is popular for the dialect, religion and art. The place is very secluded as there are very few numbers of visitors. Tranquility and serenity is guaranteed. It is the grandest off the beaten trekking region of Nepal within Restricted Trekking destinations.

 Book the Tsum ValleyTrek in Nepal with us. Explore the magnificent hidden valley of Nepal. It is the spiritual trekking trail. One can enjoy the magnificent Himalayan Vista, rural Nepal and grandeurs of natural allures.

These are the popular trekking routes of Manaslu Region! Enjoy the majestic walking experience in the restricted yet beautiful trekking destination of Nepal. With Nepal Adventure Pilgrimage Treks & Expeditions, trekking is always fun.

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