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Kancha has been in this industry since 2015. He is hard working and sincere to his work. This is the reason for his successful journey to becoming a trek leader from a porter. He began his career in this travel industry as a porter with Nepal Adventure  Pilgrimage Trek  itself. After working first as a porter for one year, then as a guide/porter and then as a guide, he gradually moved on to become a successful leader today. On the way to becoming a leader, apart from his on field knowledge, he also took several trainings to excel in his work. He is renowned for his wide trekking experience and affinity with nature. He says that he found the idea of getting to interact with people from different countries and exchanging conversations about each other’s country appealing, apart from getting to visit his own nature gifted country again and again while going on treks with guests. This made him choose this profession above others and he is still enthusiastic and passionate towards his job.