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Langtang Valley Trek Weather

Langtang Valley Trek Weather

Langtang Valley is one of the best rare gems in Nepal. Before going trek to Langtang, you need to know details about Langtang Valley Trek Weather first. Langtang is the nearest mountain trekking region from Kathmandu. Langtang valley is full of beauty with amazing views of mountains, greenery forest, and hills, small villages with bloomed wildflowers. You can visit Langtang in every season. Each season has its own taste. Among all seasons, the Autumn season is the best season to trek Langtang in Nepal.

Langtang valley is surrounded by most of the Tamang community who has its own culture and traditions. You can explore and learn the culture of the Tamang community in your trails. Langtang Valley is famous for wildflowers kile rhododendron and greenery bamboo forests with diverse vegetation. The ancient temple of Buddhists and monasteries along with the stunning views of Mount Langtang Lirung(7,246meter) can be seen in this region.

Each season has its own pros and cons. If you want to see rare flora and fauna, then Monsoon season is the best time for you. Likewise, if you are a winter lover then you will witness snow-capped peaks on trails during the winter season.

Weather in Spring Season

Spring season is the best time for trekkers to trek in Nepal. The weather and temperature will be stable during this season. The days are long, warm with crisp air. The average temperature during the daytime is about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature at night will be slightly cold but not extreme cold. The weather varies according to the regions (i.e higher or lower).


  • It is the time when all the flowers bloom like rhododendron and other wildflowers.
  • A clear view of Himalayas can be seen from 3900 meters at Kang Jin Gompa.


  • As the temperature decrease during morning and evening, you need to pack some layers of clothes and necessary gears.
  • You need to book the accommodation immediately before it gets full.

Weather in Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is the hottest season. The weather will be hot and dry during the day. The average temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius and a higher temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius. The trails get tough due to heavy sunshine. Although, it may be hot and dry weather the views of nature will keep your energies.


  • You can witness stunning views of mountains and greenery forests with beautiful flowers and wildlife.
  • You can explore and learn about the culture and traditions of the Tamang community.


  • You need to be hydrated so drink lots of water.
  • Carry hats, sunglasses to escape sunburns and heat.
  • You need to carry raincoats and insect repellents as well.

Weather in Autumn Season

The Autumn season is the best season of the year. The days are shorter and nights are longer. The average temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius. During the day, you can trek uphill comfortably with shorts and at night you need to wear a thick warm jacket. The temperature will vary according to the altitudes.


  • You can see stunning views of mountains and greenery landscape.
  • You will be surrounded by colorful forests, fresh air and enjoying the entire sights.


  • You need to book accommodation in advance because many trekkers trek and also called a busy season.
  • You need to carry layered clothes and proper gear.
  • If you don’t like to trek in a crowded route in that case, you can explore alternative routes with your guide.

Weather in Winter Season

Winter season is the challenging season. If you are winter lovers than you need to carry necessary gears. The temperature is between 6 to 9 degrees Celsius during the day. And during the night the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius. Most of the teahouse is closed due to a lack of trekkers and cold weather.


  • You will witness snow blankets to the entire region and mountains stands in clear blue skies.
  • All the villages will be covered with snow that will give the village shines in the most beautiful way.


  • When you are trekking in snow, you need to carry Crampons. It will provide good fips while trekking downhill.
  • The weather is unstable in the winter season. You should be prepared for heavy snowfalls and harsh weather.

We hope you will get ideas about Langtang valley Trek weather in different seasons. If you have any queries about Langtang Trek and its Weather, please feel free to contact us!

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