Best Time To Visit Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the popular treks and famous around the world. The Best Time To Visit Everest Base Camp is Spring and Autumn season respectively. The trek starts from Lukla and ends at Everest Base Camp, it runs through the Khumbu region of Nepal. Everest Base Camp trek is one of the challenging and most iconic that you should not miss when trekking in Nepal. In the Everest region, you will witness amazing mountains, sheer beauty, unique and interesting people, challenging, and an experience that will stay with you forever. Trekking the world’s highest mountain base camp is one of the greatest achievements of life.

Weather and Location in Everest Base Camp region in Nepal

Everest Base Camp is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet region at a very high altitude of 17,600 feet/5,380 meters. Mount Everest is a breathtaking experience for all the climbers. Before trekking in EBC, you need to know details about the weather and climate of the region. Weather will play a vital role while trekking Mount Everest. The temperature at the top of the Everest summit is in freezing point and at the base of the mountain, the temperature gets as low as minus 20 degrees Celcius.

Spring Season(March-May)

Spring season is one of the best times to trek in Everest Base Camp Trek. During this time, skies are clear with moderate climate, ideal weather and warm temperature. It is a time when the wildflowers like rhododendrons start to bloom with the beautiful pink and white blossoms. Accommodation in the Everest region can be fully booked due to the heavy influx of people, so you need to book in advance before it gets full. In trail, teahouse and lodges can be found to settle and offer dormitory accommodation for people hiking in the area.

The average temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius in the daytime and during night time the temperature is up to -15 degrees Celsius. Generally, the weather is bright with clear skies and few clouds, so visibility of the summit is much better.

Monsoon Season(June-September)

Monsoon season is the rainy season. During this time you will witness much heavy rainfall at Everest Base Camp than the rest of the year. It is less favorable for all the trekkers to trek EBC due to the high possibility of frequent downpour and cloudy weather. Most of the teahouses and lodges are closed in the Everest Base Camp trek during this time. There could be a high chance of an avalanche in the higher region and occur landslides in the lower region. Due to frequent rainfall views of mountains and summit cannot be visible.

The average temperature during daytime is around 22 degrees Celcius and at nighttime, the temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius. In this season, rainfall is much higher at the EBC and some areas of the west of Tibet are not so wet. The area around Mount Everest seems high rainfall.

Autumn Season(October-November)

The Autumn season is the perfect time for trekkers to trek in Nepal. The weather will be stable and clear skies with amazing views of the mountains. You can witness spectacular views of the landscape from the Everest Base Camp trails. Although the weather will be stable the temperature will not be warmer nor too cold. The temperature varies according to the altitude. It is the best time for climbers to go to Mount Everest as well. The traffic in the trail will be thick due to favorable season, so you need to pre-book accommodation before it gets full.

The average temperature during daytime is around 17 degrees Celsius and at night time the temperature is around -8 degrees Celsius. The weather will be stable with clear skies and the view of the summit is visible from the base camp.

Winter Season(November-April)

The Winter season is the coldest time of the year. The weather will be stable and dry. If you are a winter lover you can trek at the Everest Base Camp with the proper gears. The average temperature at EBC during nigh is around -25 to -30 degrees Celsius. The days are shorter and the nights are long and cold than the days. Most of the tea houses and lodges are closed due to freezing weather. The trekking trail to high passes is the Gokyo trail and the Mera peal trek will be closed in winter.

The average temperature during daytime is -5 degrees Celsius and at night time the temperature is around -15 degrees Celsius. The weather will be ideal and is possible to travel to base camp easily.

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